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Enterprise Network Engineer-Security



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Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2024

At F5, we strive to bring a better digital world to life. Our teams empower organizations across the globe to create, secure, and run applications that enhance how we experience our evolving digital world. We are passionate about cybersecurity, from protecting consumers from fraud to enabling companies to focus on innovation.

Everything we do centers around people. That means we obsess over how to make the lives of our customers, and their customers, better. And it means we prioritize a diverse F5 community where each individual can thrive.

Our team consists of talented engineers who are trusted both internally and externally to bring sound analyses to bewildering problems, delivering sophisticated and comprehensive solutions. The Enterprise Network Engineer is a Security Product Advanced WAF/AFM focused role!

We break the mold; the traditional lines between network engineering, system administration, and application development are blurring with today's abstracted environments, and our ENEs apply their expertise in each of these to make advanced technology work.

When not solving customer support issues, you may be involved in mentoring, building tools to improve both the organization and troubleshooting processes, creating or contributing to training to spread knowledge throughout the business, and investigating new technologies.

We're looking for a top performer who likes to solve problems, leveraging technology in creative ways to accomplish goals, and sharing knowledge with others. You are cool under pressure, a master of carefully disentangling and solving the most complex of mysteries, and always looking for opportunities to improve the way things work. When faced with the unknown, an ENE's first response is "Challenge Accepted."

PLEASE NOTE: You may be required to work shifts that include Saturdays or Sundays. This could be a Sunday through Thursday shift or Tuesday through Saturday shift.

***this opportunity is in Guadalajara, Mexico.

What will you do?

  • Provide Tier-3 support for F5 Global Services.

  • Take ownership of issues and drive them to resolution.

  • Handle technical issues of any complexity with minimal supervision.

  • Appropriately manage time and customer issues based on issue severity and business needs.

  • Develop creative solutions to problems and prove them out in a lab environment.

  • Solve the unsolvable. Thrive on attacking complex technical challenges that can span the OSI model into application behavior and software/hardware interactions.

  • Direct interaction with Product Development group on behalf of all external organizations and customers.

  • Work with Product Development and Product Management to ensure products are implemented in ways that meet customer requirements.

  • Participate in knowledge-share via documentation creation, training, and mentoring.

  • ENEs will spend about 70% working on escalations (customer issues), and 30% working on other departmental projects.

Role-specific info

  • Adv. WAF: Support for web application firewalls and denial of service defense

  • AFM: Support for network layer firewalls and denial of service defense

Work Environment and Technical Acumen

  • Deep conceptual knowledge of the architecture of software and networking protocols; why things are designed the way they are.

  • Expert technical knowledge of and experience troubleshooting Linux / UNIX.

  • Feel at home in a *nix CLI environment.

  • Expert technical knowledge of and experience troubleshooting TCP/IP networks

  • Detailed protocol analysis using tools such as tcpdump, tshark, and Wireshark.

  • Experience using tools such as Fiddler, HttpWatch, Burp Suite, socat, and netcat.

  • Packet manipulation and crafting using tools such as hping, scapy, and iptables.

  • Traffic generation and replay using tools such as apachebench and tcpreplay.

  • Comfortable with the layers of abstraction present in virtualization, encapsulation, and clustered computing environments.

  • Familiarity with a wide variety of networking topics.

  • Familiarity with a programming or scripting language.

  • Undaunted by unknown technologies / quickly capable of coming up to speed on new technologies.

  • Strong interpersonal and presentation skills, both oral and written. Must be able to articulate deeply complex technical topics to customers, peers, and non-technical personnel in understandable manners.

  • Ability to defuse complicated technical and political situations with enterprise customers.

How do you qualify?

  • Showcase at least (8) eight years relevant work experience

  • Experience with Network Security, Tiered application architectures

  • Hold a degree in Computer Science, preferably or related field experience

  • Be familiar with web servers (e.g. Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, IIS)

  • Be familiar with SQL databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL)

Technologies you need to know:

  • Linux

  • Virtual machines/Environments

  • OSI Model

  • SSL/TLS/mTLS/CERTs/Encryption

  • Advanced Protocol knowledge (TCP/UDP/ICMP/SCTP/GTPcV2)



  • DNS

  • DoS

  • ACL

  • NAT

  • Log Analysis/Forensics/Wireshark/TCPDUMP

Strongly Desired:

  • REST-ful APIs


  • OWASP top 10 and related

  • Web Application Security concepts and details

  • Languages/Scripting: BASH, Python, Go, NodeJS

  • Docker/Containers

  • Kubernetes/lstio

  • Firewall/Network Architecture

  • Telco Experience/CGNAT

  • SNORT/Intrusion Detection


  • Diameter/RADIUS/AD


  • Cloud Experience: AWS/GPC/Azure/Etc.

  • Routing: BGP/VXLAN, OSPF

  • Git

  • Ansible/Chef/Puppet

  • GDB/core analysis

Physical Demands and Work Environment

  • Duties are performed in a normal office environment while sitting at a desk or computer table. Duties require the ability to utilize a computer, communicate over the telephone, and read printed material.

  • Duties may require being on-call periodically and working outside normal working hours (holidays, evenings, and/or weekends).

  • Duties may require the ability to travel via automobile or airplane, up to 10% of time

The Job Description is intended to be a general representation of the responsibilities and requirements of the job. However, the description may not be all-inclusive, and responsibilities and requirements are subject to change.

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Equal Employment Opportunity

It is the policy of F5 to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and employment applicants without regard to unlawful considerations of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, sensory, physical, or mental disability, marital status, veteran or military status, genetic information, or any other classification protected by applicable local, state, or federal laws. This policy applies to all aspects of employment, including, but not limited to, hiring, job assignment, compensation, promotion, benefits, training, discipline, and termination. F5 offers a variety of reasonable accommodations for candidates. Requesting an accommodation is completely voluntary. F5 will assess the need for accommodations in the application process separately from those that may be needed to perform the job. Request by contacting