Senior Research Associate
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Palo Alto, CA, USA
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Senior Research Associate

NextVivo is an ambitious start-up company, located in Stanford Research Park. We are working to leverage the power of the breakthrough technology of human derived immune organoids, invented by our co-founders Mark Davis and Calvin Kuo at Stanford University. We are focused on using this immune-competent organoid platform to develop novel drugs and cell therapies to fight human diseases, including cancer, infectious disease, and autoimmune disorders.

We Are Seeking:

We are seeking a self-motivated and dependable Senior Research Associate with a background in cellular immunology and T-cell biology. The ideal candidate will be responsible for operating our flow cytometer and cell sorter and will assist with cellular and molecular biology experiments across drug discovery programs. This individual must have the ability to multitask, work independently with attention to detail, who is able to collaborate with our team of talented scientists on multifaceted research, and be enthusiastic to grow in the evolving culture of a fast-paced early start-up environment.

What You’ll Do:

  • Design, test, and troubleshoot flow cytometry assays
  • Run multi-parameter flow cytometry analyses to characterize immune and non-immune cells that comprise human organoids
  • Prepare and sort immune and non-immune cells from human organoids
  • Analyze flow and FACS data
  • Execute various cell-based in vitro assays
  • Help with general lab maintenance as needed

What You’ll Bring to Our Team:

Experience and Qualifications

  • BS/MS in biology, immunology, or related field
  • 3+ years of relevant experience in academia or industry
  • Knowledge of flow cytometry principles and instrumentation
  • Considerable expertise in designing and implementing multi-parameter flow cytometry assays
  • Experience with cell culture and sterile techniques
  • Experience with development of primary immune cell-based assays such as cell stimulation, reporter, cytotoxicity, and cytokine release assays
  • Experience with ELISA, DNA/RNA preparation, cloning, RT-qPCR, Western Blot
  • Familiarity with tissue imaging techniques
  • Ability to independently analyze data, interpret experimental results, and present key findings
  • Ability to maintain detailed records of experiments and outcomes
  • Proficiency with FlowJo, GraphPad Prism, Microsoft Office
  • Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal skills. Presentation skills to effectively communicate experimental findings to team members
  • Proactive and resourceful problem solver

Location: Palo Alto, CA 94304

Full-time, M-F, on-site


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