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Coordinator, Print Production and Manufacturing



New Delhi, Delhi, India
Posted on Thursday, February 29, 2024

Production Coordinator

Delhi, India

Who We Are

NewGlobe supports visionary governments to transform public education systems, the cornerstone of a prosperous, equitable, and peaceful society.

With a comprehensive system transformation platform and data-driven educational services, NewGlobe delivers rapid and dramatic improvements in learning outcomes at state and nationwide scale. Through building impactful partnerships and programmes, NewGlobe ensures that all children have access to an education that will develop their full potential and create a foundation for growth and prosperity.

NewGlobe leverages more than a decade of educational experience and proven impact in integrated school management, teacher professional development, instructional design innovation, technological system support, child-centered classroom practice, and parent engagement -- all grounded in learning science -- to ensure each teacher is empowered to engage children in transformational learning, and all children have the opportunity to develop to their full potential. Every day, NewGlobe supports governments to solve what were once seen as intractable problems, and by doing so, ensures this generation will be able to grow up to lead more fulfilled lives, while simultaneously building economic prosperity for themselves, their communities, and the globe.

NewGlobe’s high-touch, intensive professional development programs, along with integrated school management, teacher support, and assessment software, enable schools to succeed. NewGlobe works within state and national curriculum and syllabi, ensuring all children are empowered to learn their own history, and master local content, while being globally competitive in mathematics and languages. The science of behavior change and the science of learning is at the foundation of all programming.

NewGlobe works with urgency because youth quickly become adulthood and relentlessly because improvement requires continuous problem-solving. NewGlobe is honored to serve and to help rebuild trust in public systems.

NewGlobe’s work is all encompassing and will challenge you to use your full mind, and heart, each day. We need bright minds who want to be part of building a new globe -- a more equitable globe -- to join us.


The objective of the Academics group is to drive student achievement. To do so, we must know what is happening minute-by-minute for the typical child. The student’s daily experience, and thus the path to achievement, emerges from their relationship with the teachers and the content that is delivered in the classroom. Our team is collaboratively organized around these levers. We develop rigorous content pitched at the right level for students to be delivered by a teacher who is prepared to succeed in the classroom.


Hundreds of lessons are delivered every single day across the globe in NewGlobe classrooms. Whether it’s a phonics lesson for kindergarteners or a lesson on the Pythagorean theorem for students nearing secondary school - each of them requires materials. The Production department is on the hook for ensuring all these materials are created in pristine, user-friendly format, while being on-time and under-budget. This team thrives with the contribution of ultra-detail-oriented team players who welcome the challenge of a dynamic environment and have fun while working hard.

About the Role

NewGlobe is looking for a Production Coordinator to join our print materials Production team. This role would be best suited for someone with a background or interest in publishing, specifically the publication of textbooks or other learning materials. As the Production Coordinator, you will spend time assisting your manager and colleagues on all aspects of print production (prepping text, photos, illustrations, and manuscripts) to the standards of NewGlobe. You will also potentially work in consultation with the Sr. Production Manager and Director, Print Production and Manufacturing or colleagues on your own projects.

What You Will Do


  • Work collaboratively with Instructional Design, our Art Director, and other parties, including supply chain and operations teams, to create product schedules and timelines that work for everyone.
  • Act as liaison and facilitate communication between outside vendors (artists, photo researcher, compositors, printers) and internal staff when necessary.
  • Track progress of manuscript, art, and permissions through development and production.
  • With supervision from your manager, work with vendors often pushing them to adhere to schedules.
  • Provide weekly status updates on any active projects.
  • Review manuscript and art logs for appropriate set-up and mark-up for composition
  • Data entry and file management
  • Run training sessions for new staff on manuscript formatting, template usage, and art processes.
  • Enforce existing guidelines and systems to ensure a cost effective and streamlined process for rolling out product.
  • Create new tracking and monitoring tools on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Long-Term Print Production Projects/Improvements

  • Assist the Sr. Production Manager on long-term projects, specifically related to the Print Production and Manufacturing Department, and general improvements to make routine Production processes easy to know and understand.
  • Projects in this category might include:
    • Implementation of the revised Product Lists and Stoplight Reports, monitoring the roll out, and reacting to any unanticipated issues.
    • Implementation of a revised Global Production Schedule (Global Production Schedule 3.0), including making the document easier to use and understand, making sure the dates we’re using for schedules and projections are based on historical truths, figuring out how to include real data (feedback loop, Production cycle post-mortems), and ensuring there is a clear “handoff” from Production to Manufacturing.
    • Working on ways to identify any overlaps between Production and Manufacturing and take advantage of those.

What You Should Have

  • 4-year college degree or equivalent
  • 2-3 years’ work experience
  • Detail oriented
  • Extremely Organized
  • Good Problem solver
  • Ability to work under pressure, deadline driven.
  • Analytical thinker
  • Clear and concise writer
  • Familiarity with project management processes, preferred.
  • Familiarity with major book publishing software such as Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, particularly InDesign, preferred.
  • Familiarity with Chicago Manual of Style and/or other style guides
  • Experience with Excel and Word
  • Experience with FileMaker Pro or similar software preferred, but not required.
  • Experience working with an Instructional Design team preferred.

You’re also

  • A detailed doer – You have a track record of getting things done. You’re organized and responsive. You take ownership of every idea you touch and execute it to a fine level of detail, setting targets, engaging others, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. You can multi-task dozens of such projects at once and never lose sight of the details. Likely, you have some experience in a start-up or other rapid-growth company.
  • A networking mastermind – You excel at meeting new people and turning them into advocates. You communicate in a clear, conscientious, and effective way in both written and oral speech. You can influence strangers in the course of a single conversation. Allies and colleagues will go to bat for your ideas. You have an existing network from prior experience in the country, preferably in the regulatory, education, or business sectors.
  • A creative problem-solver – Growing any business from scratch comes with massive and constant challenges. On top of that, NewGlobe works in often fragile, sometimes volatile low-resource communities and with complex government systems. You need to be flexible and ready to get everything done effectively, quickly, and affordably with the materials at hand.
  • A relentless advocate –The children we serve and teachers we empower never leave your mind. You know them, get them, have shared a meal with them (or would be happy to in the future). You would never shrink back from shaking a parent’s hand or picking up a crying child, no matter what the person was wearing or looked like. Every decision you make considers their benefit, experience,
    and value.
  • A malleable learner –You believe you can always do better. You welcome constructive criticism and provide it freely to others. You know you only get better tomorrow when others point out where you’ve missed things or failed today.
  • A curious investigator – You ask why a lot. You don’t just take what you see and accept it. You wonder why it is that way and are aware that the world we see is created by human choices and actions – and it could be different. You wonder and see the world as wonderful even when you want to change a part of it that is unjust.