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Loop Genomics is a platform technology for long-read DNA sequencing. Loop Genomics technology transforms short-read DNA sequencers into high-throughput, long-read, single-molecule DNA sequencing machines. Loop Genomics long-read DNA sequencing technology provides phased sequencing solutions across a diverse repertoire of research and clinical applications. Sequencing of partial rRNA gene sequences results in reduced phylogenetic resolution. Full-length, high-throughput, phased sequencing that covers all 16S variable regions is becoming the gold standard for profiling the microbiome. Achieve the highest resolution microbial community profiling with long-read, next-generation sequencing of the microbiome. Characterizing polymorphisms in HLA genes inside and outside of the protein-coding regions is important for organ transplantation compatibility testing and for strengthening causality association studies. The length of homologous sequences between HLA alleles extends beyond the capabilities of short-read sequencing platforms, resulting in diploid ambiguities and a reliance on imputation. Sequence full-length HLA DNA and/or RNA with phased, high throughput, long-read sequencing that resolves allelic discrimination and diploid ambiguity. Viral genetic variability is a major determinant of viral drug resistance and viral vaccine efficacy. Accurately mapping viral genetic variability is a critical step in choosing the optimal course of therapy and developing efficacious vaccines. Key mutations are typically located throughout long stretches of viral genomes, making the retrieval of critical phased data challenging using short-read sequencing technology. Use phased, high-throughput DNA sequencing technology to map key mutations at the quasi-species level and generate a complete phased map of viral populations.

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