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Data Pipeline Engineer



United States · Los Angeles, CA, USA · Remote
Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2024

Koko Home is seeking a Data Pipeline Engineer to develop and maintain data pipelines from our IoT devices all the way to our model building infrastructure. As this is a healthcare focused company, we’re seeking candidates with experience working within clinical and regulatory environments. MedTech/SaMD/HCIT experience is a plus.

This role entails:

  • Insuring data flows flawlessly from a multitude of IoT and medical devices to our cloud and in-prem servers
  • Monitor the data collection process and proactively intervene when glitches occur
  • Develop code to automate all processes
  • Help filter data and label data by means of heuristics, model-based labeling as well as manual labeling when needed
  • Interact with other teams to assure the data collection process supports the overall product / business objectives of the company
  • Help in model development, especially in term of what additional datasets need to be collected in order to improve model performance


  • MS or Ph.D in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Mathematical/Physical Engineering or Control
  • Systems with at least 3 years of applied experience in a laboratory or a startup setting
  • Strong background in continuous Computer Science, Statistics, and Data Science.
  • Strong background in Python based data-processing pipelines, including Pandas, NUMPY and data
  • Visualization tools, including Open-GL and Java-Script based. Proficient in Linux/Unix data workflows, hands on experience in large scale data processing for ML applications a requirement.
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Convolutional and Recurrent Modeling knowledge is a big plus.
  • Experience in pyTorch / Lightning, TensorFlow, JAX, MLX a big plus.
  • Hands-on experience in large scale data pipeline optimization for accelerated model training, including hyper-parameters tuning and GSD (Graduate Student Descent).

Languages & Frameworks Python, JavaScript, OpenGL Pandas, Numpy, gNumpy, pyTorch / Lightning TensorFlow, JAX, MLX

Location Must be located near Palo Alto, CA or Los Angeles, CA

About Koko Home Koko Home ( is a leading healthcare technology company focused on leveraging radar, AI, and LLMs to deliver remote monitoring and digital caregiver support. The Company’s multi-modality platform emerges as a beacon of innovation and compassion to improve outcomes, patient and caregiver experiences, and independence for the rapidly growing and diverse needs of the aging population and others in need of home care. The platform provides healthcare providers with visibility into patients' homes, monitoring early health risk indicators, engagement levels, and medical compliance, while empowering patients with easy access to personalized and direct care. The Company’s bold mission is shaping a future where personalized, immediate care is accessible to all using the simple power of their voice.