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Atlanta, GA, USA · Los Angeles, CA, USA
Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Hermeus is a startup developing hypersonic aircraft to radically accelerate air travel. At Mach 5, more than twice the speed of the supersonic Concorde, passengers will be able to cross the Atlantic in 90 minutes. On the path to hypersonic passenger aircraft, Hermeus is partnering with government agencies including the US Air Force and NASA to develop a series of autonomous aircraft that derisk the technology and solve urgent national security challenges. These products provide the data and confidence necessary to certify, produce, operate, and maintain safe and comfortable commercial aircraft. Hypersonic aircraft have the potential to create trillions of dollars of new global economic growth per year, unlocking significant resources that can be utilized to solve the world’s greatest problems.
We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Dynamics Engineer to join our Vehicles Analysis Team. In this role, you will play a pivotal role in the design, analysis, and optimization of our high-speed aerospace vehicles, ensuring their performance, stability, and safety through rigorous dynamics analysis.


  • Dynamics Analysis: Conduct advanced dynamics analysis to assess the performance and stability of aerospace vehicles under various operating conditions, including takeoff, flight, and landing.
  • Vehicle Design: Collaborate with design engineers to integrate dynamics principles into the design process, ensuring the creation of aerodynamically efficient and structurally sound vehicles.
  • Simulations: Utilize state-of-the-art simulation tools to model and evaluate the behavior of our vehicles under different scenarios, identifying potential issues and opportunities for improvement.
  • Vibration Analysis: Perform vibration analysis to assess and mitigate the impact of dynamic forces on vehicle structures and systems.
  • Optimization: Work on optimizing vehicle dynamics, ensuring they meet performance requirements and adhere to safety standards.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including aerodynamicists, structural engineers, and propulsion engineers, to ensure alignment on design and analysis goals.
  • Documentation: Maintain detailed records of analysis procedures, results, and recommendations, and contribute to comprehensive technical reports.
  • Innovation: Identify opportunities for innovation and contribute to the development of next-generation aerospace vehicles through advanced dynamics analysis techniques.

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or a related field. A Ph.D. is advantageous.
  • Proven experience in aerospace dynamics analysis, particularly in high-speed flight systems.
  • Proficiency in dynamics simulation software and tools.
  • Strong knowledge of structural analysis and finite element analysis.
  • Familiarity with industry standards and regulations related to aerospace vehicle dynamics.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Effective communication and collaboration abilities.
  • Self-motivated and capable of working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
  • A passion for pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology and a commitment to safety and excellence.
We encourage you to apply even if you have skillsets and experience outside of our current needs as we're always open to connect and discuss future opportunities.