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Software Engineer

Blue River

Blue River

Software Engineering
Santa Clara, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, June 28, 2024

Title and Location: Software Engineer in Santa Clara, CA.

Job Responsibilities

  • Implement control algorithms for agricultural weeding systems in real-time C++ software
  • Develop real-time software in C++ for agricultural robotic weeding systems to interface with other controllers, sensors, and actuators
  • Plan work for interdisciplinary engineering teams working on subsystems of an agricultural robotic weeding system
  • Design and architect a vision-based robotics system, and support efforts around computer vision and machine learning for this system
  • Build simulation software and infrastructure to enable validation of the control and computer vision software stacks, both on an in-situ test stack and at scale in a simulated cloud environment
  • Develop analysis software to determine when the behavior of the software is out of specification
  • 5% domestic travel; may work remotely; periodic time in office required.


  • Master's degree in Robotics or related field or foreign academic equivalent
  • 2 years of experience
  • Required skills: Experience with code provisioning tools (e.g.GIT), code review tools (e.g. Gerrit/Github/Bitbucket) (2 years)
  • Experience with using CI/CD and automated test tools (Build Kite, Engflow, Robot Framework, Google Test, PyTest) (2 years)
  • Experience Profiling and benchmarking high throughput low latency code (2 years)
  • Implement C++ Software (2 years)
  • Experience with ROS or similar middlewares that enable a pub-sub architecture (2 years)
  • Analysis and Implementation of real-time software test infrastructure (2 years)
  • Implement message parsing using different protocols and serialization methods (json, protobufs, flatbuffers, MQTT) (2 years)
  • Ability to deploy test infrastructure to AWS cloud infrastructure (2 years)
  • Analyze and Implement Robotics solutions (controls, perception, planning) (2 years)
  • Build software interfaces to make configuration of several platforms and test at scale possible (2 years)

Full time. $120,016 - $218,000/year. Please visit to apply.