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Full Stack Engineer



Software Engineering
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, December 16, 2021

Quick Facts

Focus: Asset-Backed Credit Card

Funding: $130+ million, Series C

Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area

Team: 50+


About Us

We invented a new type of credit card backed by assets (secured by equity in your home, cars, & other assets), enabling us to offer mind-bendingly low APRs to consumers. Our first product is the world’s lowest APR credit card. Come invent & change the world with us.

Who are we?

We are a well capitalized (over $130MM in equity funding) team of technology (Microsoft, Facebook), and finance (Square, Discover, CapitalOne, and Goldman) executives with top tier investors -- Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, Max Levchin, NYCA, Sequoia, etc.

Our team includes people who have built

  • Financial products (Square/CashApp, the earliest CapitalOne credit cards)

  • Consumer products (, Xbox)

  • Technology infrastructure (Visual Studio, Windows & Azure, helped design the C++ & C# languages)

  • Mathematics & science infrastructure (computational research at NASA’s JPL).

We are missionaries that like to work hard on important problems - and build products that become infrastructure for society. We believe that using technology to lower the cost of capital for consumers is one of these problems - and if we can do it, it could have a big impact on a lot of people’s lives.

Our philosophy

We are a technology company at heart - and we seek to invent & advance the state of the art to build insanely great consumer financial products - starting with the world’s first home-equity backed credit card.

We like to deeply understand the nuances & excruciating details of the systems we are building on top of - whether it be legal frameworks & regs, or APIs and 3rd party data-providers. No work is beneath any of us - from the CEO to our compliance lead - we get excited to audit our database to check each cell to ensure that they are correct and to pick up customer support calls.

We believe inventing great products happens at the intersection of extremely deep detailed domain knowledge & a very lateral thought process. We don’t like to invent for the sake of it - we do it when we think we can make something significantly better.

We value being pragmatic, rational, fast, minimalist, detailed oriented, and obsessively customer-centric.

Who are you?

We are looking for an experienced engineer who can dig deep into all aspects of a system. You will be digging into performance issues of a web application, debugging race conditions across client/server boundaries, and controlling robots across the continental United States (yes, really).

You will also be responsible for the architecture of the system, design reviews and code reviews. This role will evolve into having tech leadership responsibilities.

You can expect to work on

Anything and everything. At this early stage, you will find yourself:

  • Building a best in class credit card origination flow

  • Building a best in class video notarization solution

  • Helping us execute world-class growth & engagement tactics for our product

  • Architecting core product infrastructure to enable us to go from 0-to-1

  • Weighing in on strategy. Every voice is important to help inform our decisions

  • Influencing our tech stack.

  • Defining our culture. As a large % of the team, who you are shapes who we become.

  • Become an expert in our product space, such that you're able to define how products should work end-to-end.

You should join us if

  • You have led large technically complex projects with a lot of moving parts

  • You have a lot of experience with a lot of disparate systems

  • You have worked on production grade compilers, operating systems, or large distributed systems

  • You can jump into a new environment and hit the ground running without much hand holding

  • You’re fine with us not having answers yet. You want to be part of figuring out the answers

  • You thrive in highly collaborative environments and are down to riff with us on anything from company mission to software architecture to user research

  • You enjoy diving into the deep end and feel like that’s where the greatest personal growth happens

  • You are fearless about learning the details, and understanding every single minute detail of an underlying system or process

Our Tech Stack:

  • AWS

  • PostgreSQL

  • Typescript

  • Python

  • VueJS (web)

  • Swift (iOs)

  • Kotlin (Android)