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Principal Product Designer



Product, Design
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Posted on Monday, June 6, 2022
Be a pioneer in modern communication using technologies and redesign what human connection could be, one conversation at a time. 🚀
This might be one of the most impactful design challenges you'll have to solve in your life.
Navigating the subtle balance of cultural codes, new behaviors, and technology you can empower millions of deaf & hard-of-hearing people with Ava to meaningfully participate and communicate in their daily lives, at work or at school. But this is also an opportunity to reflect and redefine how human communication actually happens, explore how it could be made drastically more inclusive, efficient, and connected; and actually, see it through.
"Give me a lever long enough and a support on which to place it, and I shall move the world." — Archimedes
To change the world, communication is our support, and your mission will be to craft the most effective lever 💫

You'd be perfect for this role if:

  • You have at least 7 years of experience in a design role
  • You can untangle hard conceptual problems and have sharp intuition for how people use products (UX).
  • You can create compelling visual designs (UI)
  • You care about the business needs, implications, and possibilities of your designs. You understand trade-offs are necessary and can balance between craft, speed, and the bottom line.
  • You have strong beliefs, loosely held. You're a good listener who likes to collaborate.
  • You like to tell stories using both words and visuals and strategize the best way to make your point across.
  • ✨ Optional: you can produce graphics, videos, animations, and GIFs with a high level of craft and attention to detail.
  • ✨ Optional: you have bases of (or desire to learn) sign language to easily connect with our users.

So... what will you do as a Principal Product Designer at Ava?

  • Craft every detail of new product features, from idea to UX to pixel-perfect execution, that feels impeccable.
  • Rehaul the app and design an onboarding experience to make the users feel right at home with this new communication tool.
  • Conduct intense user research and thinking, partnering closely with our support team to understand what users need, want, and love about Ava. All of this to come to great insights, enabling bold decisions to happen if they have to, and guiding our product roadmap.
  • Synthesize language and design systems that are simple to understand but help the team to move faster as we scale.
  • Work with growth, marketing & sales to show users stories on how they can make the most of Ava, helping empower the community to a 24/7 accessible future.

Why this role?

  • Actually change lives at an unprecedented scale: How often do you hear about apps that make people cry with joy? It is really for us a unique opportunity and privilege to be able to meaningfully improve the lives of 100,000s people - and yet to still be at the very beginning of our mission!
  • Explore new fascinating worlds: Your work will lead you to meet and get accustomed to a very unique and diverse set of users, from Deaf community members practicing sign language users to older people who became hard-of-hearing with age. As we get to know our users, we're often very inspired by the way they live their lives!
  • Work with some of the best people in the world: We have an incredibly talented and passionate team that is a lot of fun to work with. We're still super small but we ship fast and have accomplished some things that were thought impossible!
  • Create a product that will redefine communication: Because Ava fundamentally helps people communicate better, we have the chance to rethink a new (and better) experience of communication, which could ultimately make an incredible impact on humanity.
Thanks for making it here. You probably are really good at what you do and have many choices in front of you. If you are looking to grow your unique talents and leverage them for something truly meaningful, while being in a great company, you've come to the right place.
We hope you'll apply!
Salary range: 120-170K base*
*base compensation will be solidified after the interview process based on experience