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Senior Kubernetes Admin / Systems Engineer, EngProd

Arista Networks

Arista Networks

Software Engineering
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Company Description

Arista Networks is an industry leader in data-driven, client-to-cloud networking for large data center, campus and routing environments. What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of innovation. We leverage the latest advancements in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and software-defined networking to provide our clients with a competitive edge in an increasingly interconnected world. Our solutions are designed to not only meet the current demands of the digital landscape but to also anticipate and adapt to future challenges.

At Arista we value the diversity of thought and perspectives that each employee brings to the table. We believe that fostering an inclusive environment, where individuals from various backgrounds and experiences feel welcome, is essential for driving creativity and innovation.

Our commitment to excellence has earned us several prestigious awards, such as Best Engineering Team, Best Company for Diversity, Compensation, and Work-Life Balance. At Arista, we take pride in our track record of success and strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and performance in everything we do.

Job Description

Who You’ll Work With

Arista Networks is looking for world-class Kubernetes-aware engineers passionate about driving systems reliability and scalability to provide the best possible development experience for our 1400+ person engineering team. You will be part of a fast paced, high caliber team building the internal systems and infrastructure used to build the routing and switching products driving the industry's largest data center networks.

Arista’s Software Engineering team runs at a scale rarely found - TBs of source control, 60GB work trees with 1000s of developer branches in flight at any given time, over 400K daily build/test jobs and over 150 homegrown and cloud native services running on a 100 node on-prem bare metal Kubernetes cluster. Operating these systems takes vigilance, responsiveness to alerts, and a steady stream of updates and bug fixes to keep things running smoothly and efficiently as well as to increase our ability to monitor, understand and visualize them. The role will cover all aspects of our Kubernetes infrastructure, and may include monitoring, responding to, and enhancing alerts, working to unify and standardize our alerts, fine tuning code for scalability and performance, debugging problems, simplifying and securing developer experience with k8s etc. You will own your projects from definition to deployment, developer and vendor interactions, and you will be responsible for the quality of everything you deliver.

What You’ll Do

Working in the Engineering Productivity (EngProd) group, you will collaborate and work with other engineers to design, build, scale, and operate the systems that the rest of Arista’s development teams use. The EngProd team uses industry-standard systems like Ansible, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Grafana, Spinnaker, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Google Cloud, and Varnish and also internal systems that we’ve built from the ground-up to automate CI/CD, testing, analysis, and visualization.


  • Work with existing k8s admin team to own different aspects of managing a production k8s cluster (eg: upgrades, monitoring, capacity planning, security, developer experience etc)
  • Proactively monitor, respond to, and enhance alerts and set up automated alert handling where applicable
  • Create and maintain the incident response runbooks working with the service dev teams
  • Debug and resolve issues impacting developer user experience and infrastructure stability around the k8s platform
  • Adopt current best practices in k8s cluster management. Evaluate and adopt OSS projects that simplify k8s cluster management.
  • Set up guidelines and paved paths for service dev teams improving developer experience around the k8s platform.
  • Work with Arista’s software engineers to identify bottlenecks and limitations in our workflows, tooling, and infrastructure around k8s and provide fixes for those problems.
  • Engage with 3rd party vendor support as part of triage


  • At least BSc Computer Science or Engineering + 7 years’ experience, MS Computer Science or Engineering + 5 years’ experience, or Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent work experience.
  • Knowledge of one or more of Go, Python, Javascript. Experience with shell Scripting to be able to implement medium complexity automation workflows.
  • Knowledge of Linux (or UNIX).
  • Experience in operating software systems at scale.
  • Strong understanding of the fundamentals of storage and networking.
  • Comfortable with Ansible and GitOps.
  • Strong expertise with managing on-prem/baremetal Kubernetes clusters.
  • Applied understanding of software engineering principles.
  • Strong problem solving and software troubleshooting skills.
  • Ability to design a solution and implement features independently. Ability to work in small teams.
  • Comfortable with security principles and able to study source code of OSS projects, conduct experiments as necessary to debug issues.
  • Proven expertise with debugging complex issues that span the technology stack.
  • Experience dealing with network proxies and containerized storage.

Compensation Information

The new hire base pay for this role has a pay range of CAD 148,000 to 201,000.

Arista offers different pay ranges based on work location, so that we can offer consistent and competitive pay appropriate to the market. The actual base pay offered will be based on a wide range of factors, including skills, qualifications, relevant experience, and work location.

The pay range provided reflects base pay only and in addition certain roles may also be eligible for discretionary Arista bonuses and equity. Employees in Sales roles are eligible to participate in Arista’s Sales Incentive Plan, which pays commissions calculated as a percentage of eligible sales. Employees are also entitled to benefits including medical, dental, vision, wellbeing, income protection and a Group Retirement Savings Plan. The recruiting team can share more details during the hiring process specific to the role and location.